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All jokes about smart phones reducing people today to having attention spans that can be measured in nano seconds, it was actually pretty fun. 😛

God fucking dammit. I really, really want to start making actual comics regularly again, but alas, there is just not enough time in the days anymore. So, I’ve decided I am going to start uploading little doodles like this that I do from time to time under the title “The Inner Workings”. It’s funny, before I started Pixel Failure what seems like ages ago(Shit, it was actually 7 years ago when I sketched out the first one… and I’ve only finished 30 or so comics? I suck. Haha), I had a few different ideas for webcomics that I was constantly working on. A few I actually made and uploaded to various websites(*shudder*), but most just remain as concepts in my sketchbooks to this day. One of the first comics I ever tried to make was called “The Inner Workings”. You see, growing up I always liked to keep journals, and whenever I was feeling depressed or anxious, I would just jot down everything that was going on in my life at that moment. It may seem silly, but it was just always something that helped me deal with myself in a constructive way. It was also always interesting to go back and re-read old entries, although oftentimes it was embarrassing even to myself. The concept for TIW was simple. It was essentially going to be an illustrated journal based on whatever was going on in my brain at that moment. I sketched out maybe 8-9 comics based on this idea, but I really didn’t like them. They were too symbolic and deep, and honestly just difficult to understand if you weren’t me. I remember showing a few to some friends, and just seeing no reaction because they literally couldn’t understand what was going on in the comic. Literally, one comic involved a home invasion and the protagonist waking up from the loud noise, only to realize he had wet the bed, yelling out “oh no, not again!”, and this was somehow supposed to symbolize relationship troubles… It was convoluted as fuck, obscenely overthought, and it made me feel pretentious when I would say “what do you mean you don’t get it?! It’s so obvious!”(You also have to keep in mind, I was like 15 at the time. Haha.) So, ultimately I scrapped the idea completely, but I always liked the name, and I have always wanted to use it for something… So, here we are. It will be incorporated into PF basically as shorts instead of full fledged comics. Random musings or autobiographical events in my day that I found significant. Instead of a symbolic illustration of a journal entry, I’m thinking they will legitimately just be hastily drawn journal entries, if you will. I don’t know yet, I just had the idea tonight. It makes me excited though, because I really think if I start going this route, I can for one start having a somewhat regular upload schedule again(since they don’t take that much time to scribble down), and two regain my interest in PF, inspiring me to actually buckle down and fucking make comics again.

But probably not, because, you know… Adulthood and responsibilities and stuff.

Do you wanna take me on?

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