Pixel Failure is a webcomic that I(Billy Snyder) started in 2011. I kept it updated pretty regularly until 2013, when I felt I just could not find the time to keep it going. After about a year, I parked the domain, and the site was gone. A little part of me died that day. It’s not that my site was super popular, or I had a huge following, It was just a thing I did for fun, and I loved every second of it, so I hated to see it go.

As the years went by, I always thought about it, and I always talked about bringing the site back. I don’t know why it took me so long, but today(October 4, 2015) I said fuck it, lets give it another shot. SO, here we are. I hope you guys like what you see, and definitely share me with your friends.

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