The Inner Workings – Date Night

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Best date ever, honestly. 😛

I am really enjoying making these comics with just pen right now. I don’t know. It’s funny to look back at all of the old comics on this site from when I was actually uploading shit regularly, and just seeing how much my style has changed over the years. I started out using a tablet and photoshop, and for a brief stint of time, I was using Illustrator exclusively, which became a bit boring for me. As a full time graphic designer, Illustrator is kind of my home. I work in it every single day, all day, and it is comfortable. That was why I had decided to make the switch to vector comics instead of raster based using PS… but, it kind of became my downfall. Again, I work in AI all day, so it got to the point that when I would get home from work and sit down to start working on a comic… Well, I was still working. It became less of a fun thing that I enjoy to do in my free time, and more of a strenuous freelance client that is always fucking breathing down your neck. I just lost interest, and the site went down for a while.

But I digress. I like this new direction. I like the way just black and white comics look, I like that there are stray pen marks and visible errors riddled throughout the comic, I like that they don’t take hours to work on… I don’t know. I am enjoying myself again, and I think I am going to really strive to keep it up. Stay tuned, bitches. 🙂

Damage Control.

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